About Becky

Becky Munsterer lives in a little house on a tiny hill in Vermont. In addition to Novel Nibble, she keeps busy with children’s books, lifestyle/humor columns, and eating boxes of Triscuits. (She also has a day job to pay for the Triscuits.) She’s a graduate of Colby College and received her M.A.L.S. degree in creative writing from Dartmouth. In her spare time, she “cooks” (spreads cheese on Triscuits) for her husband, and metal detects her own yard in search of invaluable treasure. She’s yet to find anything but a retro Mountain Dew can.

Her books, columns, and favorite things are listed below.

The Little Rippers
Kat McGee and The School of Christmas Spirit


Valley News Column: “The Trendiness of Raising Chickens”
Valley News Column: “Leaving Las Vegas”
Valley News Column: “Awaiting Your Reply”
Valley News Columns: “Cabin Fever, and the Cure is Jimmy Buffett”
Valley News Column:  “I’m Done Waiting For Special Occasions”
Valley News Column:  “Little Miss Jersey Shore”
Valley News Column:  “Little League is my Big League”
Valley News Column: “A Night With Leonardo DiCaprio”
Boston Globe Magazine Column:  “Dear Internet: Please Forget Me”
Liftopia Interview “The Little Rippers”
Reader’s Digest:  “What Your Christmas Tree Says About You”
Skiing Magazine:  “Ski Dads
Vermont Public Radio Interview “Read This Blog Before It’s Gone”

Favorite cocktail recipe:  Blackberry Margaritas
Favorite Oprah moment: Stevie Wonder’s Big Surprise
Favorite artist: Mandy Budan
Favorite cause: Drawing Hope Project
Favorite shopping website: Leafcutter Designs
Favorite song to rock out to while writing: Happy by C2C
Favorite website for wasting time:  Honest Slogans
Favorite thing ever:  Mabel, pictured below237